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Dr Nicholas Dimakis

Dr Nicholas Dimakis


Nicholas graduated from Macquarie University with a Bachelor and Master of Chiropractic Sciences. He demonstrated resilience and strength as he completed his finals years through a pandemic and is now very keen to help provide his local community with a well-rounded health care approach to help everyone achieve their personal goals. 

Before Nicholas knew he wanted to be a chiropractor, he started to develop a strong interest in functional anatomy and constantly was out looking for ways in which he could strengthen as well as rehabilitate certain muscle groups. This all came about as Nicholas has been a soccer player since the age of 4 and developed a strong passion for the gym at the age of 16. Through years of playing soccer and attending the gym, Nicholas has had his fair share of injuries with the most notable being a serious dislocation of his left elbow while playing soccer and a chronic bicipital tendinopathy in his right shoulder. Nicholas sought out care from multiple health professionals following these injuries as well as a multitude of others with little to no effect until he visited a Chiropractor. He was amazed by the hands-on nature of the profession and how much time was taken to manage the injuries that were being treated. The positive impacts of Chiropractic care led Nicholas to study it at university so he could provide the same care to as many people as possible just to see them living pain-free and back to doing what they love.

Nicholas is particularly interested in the sporting side of Chiropractic, in particular young athletes. As Nicholas has a strong passion for sports and physical activity, not limited to soccer, he wants to be a client’s first port of call so he can embark on a journey with them as they reach their goals. Nicholas places rehabilitation as a strong focus of his care when working with young athletes as he believes constant physical care for the body is required to achieve optimal performance. He believes it is essential to instill this mindset into kids who have a passion for sports so they can remain free of injuries and enjoy their chosen sport for as long as possible. Nicholas knows that with his years of studies behind him, he can educate and motivate his clients to exceed their goals and potential. 

Aside from being a chiropractor, Nicholas has a mixture of hobbies and interests. He enjoys travelling to new countries, playing video games to unwind, going to the gym, and spending time with family and friends. Most of all, Nicholas is a massive soccer fan following Liverpool FC from the English premier league and competes in the local canterbury district competition. Nicholas is keen and eager to meet you all in person and together he can help you reduce your aches and pains to improve your overall wellbeing.